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Spill Containment Systems

This comprehensive selection of spill containment products provide a safe, convenient solution to spill control, drum handling and storage, liquid dispensing, as well as transport of hazardous materials for disposal. Our innovative features and the polyethylene construction will support work flow and offer protection for years to come.


Create a customized spill-control system with EPA-compliant spill containment pallets, accumulation centers, and caddies for drum storage, all composed of EcoPolyBlend™ recycled content. Safe and durable.


For use with drums, these low profile eco-friendly funnels make waste collection easy. EPA-compliant centers are available for single or double drum storage. Effective and economical spill control helps deliver maximum efficiency, productivity and cost-savings.


EPA and SPCC compliant stations made of recycled polyethylene for intermediate bulk containers stored indoors or outdoors. Stations provide reliable spill protection and safe storage for IBCs in a compact footprint with ergonomic working height.


Durable and weather resistant, these EPA and SPCC compliant outdoor sheds with leakproof sumps provide safe and secure storage for 30- and 55-gallon drums of hazardous liquids. Made of eco-friendly recycled polyethylene. Convenient roll top doors allow access from front or rear.


Drum funnels intended for use with flammables are fitted with a brass flame arrester that absorbs and dissipates heat, preventing any external ignition source (like sparks from power tools, static electricity or cigarettes) from reaching the drum's flammable contents.


Due to misplacement, loss, or normal wear of parts in Justrite products, replacement parts and accessories for spill control and environmental equipment are available for your convenience.

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