Flammable Safety Storage Cans & Production Safety Equipment

Fire protective storage of flammables. Heavy-Duty with double-seamed construction. All models have built in flash arresters to eliminate the risk from flashback causing explosion. FM APPROVED

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Type I Safety Cans feature self-closing, leakproof lids. Each can is made from high-grade coated steel and tested to guarantee 100% leakproof construction. Optional colors available. Certified by FM.


Plunger dispensing cans moisten cleaning cloths by utilizing a smart-pump to bring more liquid to the top. Safety dispenser cans offer a safe, convenient way to release small amounts of liquid directly onto work surfaces or into lab beakers.


Chemical-resistant HDPE Type I polyethylene safety cans offer safe storage for flammable corrosives. Durable one-piece body construction stands up to tough acids and heat. A patented conductive current-carrying carbon insert is embedded into the rib of containers.

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Type II Accuflow™ Safety Cans feature a vented design to provide smooth liquid flow, along with AccuFlow™ with Safe-Squeeze® trigger for safe and controlled pouring. Certified by FM


Waste disposal safety containers are designed to prevent the spread of fires caused by stray sparks or spontaneous combustion. A number of options are available to safely dispose of oily rags and cloths, combustible trash and waste paper.


Laboratory HPLC safety disposal cans and containers feature quick-disconnect features and coalescing carbon filters to keep laboratory and personnel safe with a compliant, environmentally-friendly solution to waste collection.


To ensure the continued safety, functionality and reliability of its safety cans and containers, We offer replacement parts and accessories for safety cans and containers.