All Speakman Lifesaver® Shower Heads are non clogging, self cleaning and can be supplied to fit any application. The impeller action of these heads distributes floods of water without voids in the shower pattern, that ensures complete body coverage for faster decontamination.

The conical action shower head, first developed by Speakman Showers, ensures maximum volume water flow with no undue force.

'Emergency showers have to deliver not only adequate amounts of water, but disperse it so that the entire body can be purged simultaneously'.

Delivering in excess of 75 litres of water a minute, the conical action shower head disperses water in a precise pattern. The Speakman showers ensure coverage of the entire body, providing an effective washing action in the event of an emergency. Exceeds ANSI Z358.1-1998 & AS 4775-2007.

In an effort to improve the drenching and cleansing efficiency of deluge showers, Speakman Engineers found that by moulding 12 specially designed vanes in a shower head and combining those with a particular type of slotting, that a swirling flow of water was produced.

1. Swirling Action Softens Impact of Water to avoid 'splash off' and creates a better and more thorough cleansing action.

2. Conical Shape Pattern Offers Larger Area of coverage which promotes quicker contaminant removal through better efficiency in water distribution over the entire body...the real purpose of a deluge shower.

3. Precise Engineering Means Perfect Shower pattern. ANSI Z 358.1-1998 & AS 4775-2007 specifies pattern must be substancially dispersed throughout, and at 51cm in diameter at a height of 152cm

Impeller Action Shower Head design in deluge showers clean more thoroughly, dispersing water so that the entire body can be purged simultaneously.

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