When an emergency happens, you need to know you can rely on your safety equipment to work perfectly every time. All of our emergency showers and eye washes are made to withstand even the most hardy of working environments, so you know that when you need it to work perfectly first time - it will. In industries where there can be exposure to hazardous materials and injury to the eyes and body you need to know that you will be treated quickly and efficiently.

As the originators of the first industrial safety shower in 1939, Speakman has been called upon to create a vast array of custom emergency equipment. It is quite probable that Speakmanís experienced safety engineers have already designed and built a system that can solve your specific safety problem, or a system that can be easily modified to arrive at a safe solution. Enquiries for unusual or special configurations are invited and will receive prompt attention from your Speakman safety-engineering professionals.

At Speakman Australia we are continually researching and updating our technologies, offering our customers the best, most efficient and durable safety showers, eyewashes, and eye/face washes in the world.

Speakman has permanent plumbed-in and portable units to suit all situations. We supply a variety of sizes and fittings, whatever your needs, you will find we have the perfect solution.
All of our emergency showers and eye/face washes have independent laboratory accreditation to the relevant Standard Requirements, something no other Australian manufacturer can offer.

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