Setting the Standard

Several of the more significant changes to ANSI Standards as 16th April 1998 are:

Travel distance changed from no greater than 10 seconds or 100 feet, to no greater than 10 seconds. Speakman offer informed advice on all aspects of where to best position safety equipment.

Requirement for showers and eyewashes to be supplied with 'tepid' water. The definition of tepid is Moderately Warm or Lukewarm.

Reduction of flow requirement for deluge showers heads from 115 litres to 75.7 litres. Speakman showers - a guarantee of safety.

The new standard emphasises training of employees who may be exposed to hazardous materials. Call Speakman Australia for the best of advice and training.

Manufacturers will be required to third party certify the performance of their equipment. Speakman Australia are the only Australian company to have this certification.

Speakman Safety Australia set the standard

All Speakman Safety Showers and Eye/Face Wash units fully comply with American National Standards Institute standard Z358.1-1998, Australian and joint Australian/New Zealand standards, such as AS3780-1994 for corrosive substances, AS/NZS4452-1997 for toxic substances, and AS/NZS 2982-1997 for laboratory construction which require the use of Safety Showers and Eyewash units which comply with ANSI Z358.1-1998. All items are manufactured to international quality standard ISO 9002.


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