Geoff Pratt

General Manager

Geoff Pratt is the co-founder of PBA Safety and has a lifetime of experience in the safety industry. His background includes time spent working in the United States with the Speakman Company where he was trained in the understanding of hydraulics relating to water flows. Geoff is based in our Melbourne office and takes a very active part in all parts of the daily operation of the company.

Tel: 03 9464 4155 / Fax: 03 9464 2277
Postal: P.O.Box 480, Rosanna Vic 3084



Andrew Pratt

Manufacturing Manager

Andrew Pratt is the other co-founder of PBA Safety and has been involved with the manufacture of the Speakman range for over 17 years. His understanding of the product and his experience drawn from his training as a licensed plumber means that he knows better than anyone why the Speakman units are the best in the world for quality and performance.

Tel: 02 6040 3888 / Fax: 02 6040 3700
Postal: P.O.Box 3085, Albury NSW 2640